Puyallup, Washington is Amazing

Mt Rainier - Puyallup, WA

As a youngster I remember packing our things as a family and starting a move from Juno, Alaska to Orting, Washington.

I was four years old at the time, and didn’t know a thing. Being born in Alaska all I really knew was snow and dark days, so when we moved to Washington it was like a whole new world for me to experience.

Orting WashingtonOrting is a nice little town, but the keyword there is little. There wasn’t much to do in Orting in 1988. There was a huge church my father helped build, and a few video rental stores (one of which we were NOT allowed to go into. Hind-sight tells me it had naughty videos…) Besides that there wasn’t really anything there.

Cut to today and it’s thriving. There’s McDonald’s and other restaurants, the roads have been redone, and more. It looks rather nice. Still, when the volcano erupts Orting will be the first to go…

I’ve lived in Puyallup for the majority of my life, though I have lived in 5 different states for a few years or longer. Puyallup is growing quickly, and it’s been interesting to see it change over the 25 years I’ve lived here.

I really enjoy the people here, because it’s a huge mix of all sorts of nationalities and ethnic backgrounds — a melting pot…

So I decided to start my design studio here!

Iron Opal Marketing is right smack in the middle of South Hill, putting us just north of Puyallup overlooking the Fairgrounds. This location is phenomenal because it’s right between 3 major cities, and access to the Freeway.

Puyallup wa PowerhouseWe enjoy enabling the local businesses here including the Powerhouse, which is a fancy restaurant that makes their own beer (and root beer!) out of an old firehouse that’s been converted into a comfortable dinning experience.

Let our talented experts take you out to lunch to discuss a project that’s been on your mind.

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